Thursday, July 26, 2007

A multiple Reality State UNDERSTANDING OF MAN'S --Life Line memory field [LLmf]-- LIFE FORCE [LF] DEVELOPMENTAL environmental REALITY [E-R] ACTUALITY

(((UPDATED --Monday -- May -19- 2008)))

.....Once secret --environmental-- science and technology brings ever closer a unified understanding of Mankind's planetary Reality Network {Consciousness -energy- networked} common brainbody BLMC-LLmf ((Base Line Memory Core -- Life Line memory field)) functional [multiple fractional Reality Line --Reality State-- Reality Line] biological Life Force loop established Free Will developmental conscious existence...

That is True Man's "Slower than-then Light Speed" EXPOSED Survival Technology ((recognizable Immortality Processes)) has scientifically established that Mankind's environmental REALITY [understood as "Universe" or and conceptualized as "God"] is a Consciousness multiple Reality State time-stream descriptive multiple Reality Line environment peculiar +definitive+ CAMV ((Consciousness Activated Memory Vehicle)).

.....This scientific -technological- understanding of Man's timely REAL _here_ timeless TRUE 'now' consciousness ((--time-stream--)) Environmental Reality [E-R] ---by verified technology and verifiable physics--- brings ever closer Man's religious theological realization-born faith and scientific-technological rationale accomplished logic found perspective understanding of Mankind's cosmic --planetary forged-- developmental cradle...

Such that this environmental REALITY [E-R] understanding not only acknowledges Evolution as a Real Time Reality State verifiable proven ((timely genetic established)) survival process --- IT EQUITABLY RECOGNIZES EVOLUTION AS THE VERY CONSCIOUSNESS TIME-STREAM {upstream Probable Reality State} LIFE LINE -[brainbody BLMC-LLmf Life Force]- PLANETARY NETWORKED DEVELOPMENTAL FINGER-WORK OF PERPETUAL 'ABSOLUTE ZERO' COSMIC LOOPED CREATION ENERGY.


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